Usage Area


Our clamp models especially used in automotive industry; heating-cooling systems, radiators,intercooler systems, autogas systems, fuel hoses etc.


A wide range of tools and machinery used in construction and road building industry (eg materials handling and distribution, heavy cranes, earthmoving, mining and forestry equipment, etc.). These machine safety is first. IDEAL CLAMP hose connections of these heavy-duty machines working in extreme conditions, the hydraulic system connections, motor connections and offers secure solutions in the cooling system.


Especially heavy duty clamps are prefered to secure sealing with high torque values under the high pressure points. Our clamps are used to provide where non-leakage is requested, stabilizing, maintenance and repair.


OEM CLAMP in the maritime sector; exhaust systems and turbo connections to the ship, engine cooling systems, fixing tank rounds, through channels and hose clamps are used in joining connection also serves this sector. 

Our clamps are used in mission-critical environments that require high reliability and safety.


With modern agriculture, new agricultural machinery is being developed day by day according to changing needs. instead use a private connection instead of the current bolted flange connection technology system solutions are produced. These tools work in challenging conditions, material handling, injection and distribution systems, hose connections, hydraulic connections, exhaust systems, engine cooling, reliable feed hoppers are made with our expert technical staff for many applications.


Flanged connections are most critical areas that use aviation system. clamping systems used in the defense industry are designed custom application .. vibration, high temperature, pressure, external loads and corrosion; material selection and product design are important points to be considered while. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards in product that meets customer requirements.


OEM CLAMP filter systems in power generation systems, exhaust assemblies, bellows coupling, turbo integration, engine cooling systems, tanks circle, ducts, hoses and combining existing solutions instead of bolted flange technology.

With the development of the V-band technology compared to the old system; air circulation, cooling and exhaust systems in space and time savings, reduction in weight and cost of the equipment takes place. 

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